Brett Garrett







Artist's Statement

Part of the inspiration for this piece was an exploration in inside out lathe turning to create sculptural forms. It was also made during the pandemic when it felt like time was moving differently and I began to struggle to find my way through it. This led to the empty hourglass that still displays motion. This was the first time I experimented with a large inside out turning and there was a big learning curve to achieve it. The inside profile is turned with the 8 pieces not glued together so they must be bound as accurately and securely as possible. It is then taken apart and the pieces are flipped and then glued to turn the outside profile. The 2 bars on the side are made of several pieces glued to make a right angle. They were then all stacked and glued with separate centerpieces. This piece is made from walnut and maple. I used a Minwax wood filler to fill in cracks and a Minwax wipe on poly for the finish. To hold the 8 pieces for the initial turning of the inside profile, I experimented with multiple clamping systems including duct tape, strips of aluminium, and hose clamps. The rest of the project was made using standard lathe tools including carbide chisels and a chuck.

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