Dean Babin




New York



Artist's Statement

Primarily working with wood, I aim to make cohesive pieces that are quietly pleasing, unique and/or fun. I employ a minimalist approach and whittle designs down until only the essential parts remain. Statement About The Eleven Bench: The Eleven Bench is inspired by traditional Shaker style benches. Its name comes from the pair of elevens that form its seat and lower shelves. The goal of this piece was to put a contemporary spin on traditional Shaker style benches. I admire how durable and long-lasting Shaker benches are thanks to their joinery so I wanted to design a version that aligned with my aesthetic. I also wanted to provide some additional functionality so I designed its lower stretcher to also serve as shelving for shoe storage, etc. Another unique aspect to this bench are its handmade tapered brass wedge accents which add stability to its through-tenon joinery. The pictured Eleven Bench is made from black walnut and has brass wedge accents in its lower through-tenon joinery. The bench is also available in other woods including cerused maple and European beech. This bench has a durable plant oil and wax based finish. Something new that I learned while creating this bench was how to make the tapered brass support wedges for its lower shelf joinery. A few different techniques and dimensions were tried first before settling on the machining method and proportions that worked best for these brass pieces. The Eleven Bench was designed for an audience that appreciates contemporary craft and traditional joinery methods. This bench is well suited for an entryway or mud room thanks to its durability and functionality.

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