Mike Scribner







Artist's Statement

Mike began experimenting with light in his early teens, swapping out ceiling fixtures in his childhood home and sparking a lifelong fascination. His passion for craft led to the VCU Arts program for Interior Design. Midway through, Mike stepped away from design, and pursued a 25 year career in science. In his spare time, he continued to practice design, and woodworking. In 2016, Mike returned to his roots to complete a Masters in Design. His thesis work explored the provocation of mindfulness through interior design. Mike created movable partitions to adjust privacy and light levels requiring user input - a proven way to inspire mindfulness. Additionally, Mike installed raw wood surfaces based on studies which described the mentally restorative powers of nature, and natural surfaces. Springing from these ideas, and following a year of concept realization, Mike Scribner Designs LLC was launched in the fall of 2020 bringing together the aspects of woodcraft, natural surfaces, light, and shadow. Mike creates lighting that inspires mindfulness through curiosity and intrigue.

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