Dennis Daigle







Artist's Statement

My inspiration for this piece started years ago with my late wife not wanting a mirror in the bedroom. After talking to friends and research online I found many women feel the same way for different reason. Most didn't want to see them selves first thing in the morning to it being a window into another world. The concept of simply opening the doors to use then close when finished plus the added ability to view at different angles brought me to this piece before you. My goals were many starting with the mirror appearing or disappearing effortlessly. To create a piece pleasing to look at front and back, to incorporating reclaimed wood [butternut front panels] and develop something unique "wooden hinges". To find a use for scrap wood heading to the trash can "wood blocks creating panels". Materials used: Black walnut with crotch black walnut, ebonized walnut and reclaimed butternut, butternut. The finish: A mixture of linseed oil, tung oil and urethane mixed then applied in three coats. Next steel wool, then finished with a mixture of linseed oil. tung oil and bees wax heated. At the time of photos were taking of this piece a third coat and polishing were still needed to complete this project. Special jigs were many from shaping the convex face to the inset detailed panels front and back "no CNC work" all hand routers. The hinges required developing four different jigs, the block panels required two jigs to size up blocks and glue together evenly and quickly. Top of crown required bending jig to laminate three boards together creating the arch shape. Jig to mortise hinges in doors and body of mirror. Intended market: A client who appreciates quality craftsmanship and uniqueness. This Tri-mirror is not a commissioned piece, the goal is to create a line of furniture. When creating the wood hinges "challenging but fun" ending up developing five different styles and applications, two of them are in the next projects already in production.

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