Hasan Zaidi







Artist's Statement

Ever since I can remember, it felt natural to create/make. I was always curious and would resolve my question through making. Growing up I wasn't exposed to design but I figured out later, that design has been a part of my life from day one. A high school teacher once said to me recently, "you've always had this great ability to look at what you were doing with both a logic and emotion sense of direction, which most people struggle to do." This was most adamant when it came to what I was interested in when it came to schooling, I was always torn between Art and Engineering. Respectively each fulfilled my needs of aesthetics and practicality but both never seem to come together until I found furniture design. This helped me find myself, helped me learn about my past, and what I hope to do in the future. My direction for Furniture is inspired by my multicultural heritage as an Indian-Pakistani American raised in a Muslim family. Seeking to balance the philosophies of these worlds, I create modern pieces that build upon historical furniture. How can culture dictate how we sit and preserve space? how can these traditional forms of comfort amplify our contempry lives? How can we create environments to help us focus, bring the community together, or help our wellbeing? These are the line of questions I ask myself when I'm designing.

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